[ubuntu-my] Bandwidth Test for MY is way far lower than othercountry

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> this is what happens when you have third world mentality managing first
> class infrastructure setup.
> This happen when people have No patient actually. Not because of their mentality. Everyone have a job to do everyone have to answer to someone. Maybe not better manage the BW but the people itself. Being from Jabatan to Berhad it take times to change. Right? 

the problem here lies in that HRM takes priority over customer

have Malaysians not been patient? Internet was made available in
Malaysia somewhere in the early 90s right? i signed up with Jaring in
1994, then switched over to Streamyx in 2002. it is now 2009. seven
years is a lifetime when we're talking about IT progress.

by your reference to Jabatan becoming a Berhad, i assume you mean
Telekom since MIMOS wasn't a Jabatan before. how long has it been since
TMB was formed? it was  corporatised in 1984 (25 years ago!!) and listed
on BSKL in 1990 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telekom_Malaysia) and i
bet many who were in there when it went from Jabatan to Berhad are now
retired. how much time does it need to effect change? frankly, if it was
any other non-GLC, most of the staff would have been fired/retrenched
for their ineffectiveness.

> all that fiber so that everything runs fast inside a building or complex
> like Cyberjaya. but links out of there are slow as snails.
> Back to my explanation below; they cant change the whole infra in 1 night right? 26M people in M'sia take 10% 260K are internet user and take 10% out of that that used 24x7 (26K) bw to the international cloud at 1 time. Simple calculation average of 400k x 26k user u are talking about 10GB of international data being send out per-second. 

ah.. numbers. well, someone else mentioned OVERSOLD. and still we see
touts pushing people to sign up for Streamyx.

and talking about changing the infra in one night, see above about how
long TMB has been in existence. in fact, being a major telco, they were
not the first to provide internet access even.

and again, there isn't a dire need to change all the copper to fiber.
copper runs fine for last-mile access. backbones are now mostly fiber
already anyway. the issue is bandwidth management.

> i'd like to see the day we can access online banking and local websites
> (ie. those situated _inside_ Malaysia) at lightning speeds. i can
> understand if bandwidth out of Malaysia is slower as it costs more to
> maintain multi-GB links to international destinations.
> Give it till 2010 bro. the telco are wiring up the nation with fiber. Hope that they keep it to the international standard. 

i'm not holding my breath for sure. of course, it would be a very good
thing if it did materialise though.

> it IS possible for Streamyx to provide high-speed access to local sites
> and throttle bandwidth out on international lines. if only they had the
> personnel to manage the task...
> agreed. :) 

i'm assuming p_l_t_cs is keeping us backwards then? i'm sure there is no
shortage of very capable Malaysian network engineers...



Donald P Kong


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