[ubuntu-my] Bandwidth Test for MY is way far lower than other country

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Thu Jun 11 11:01:05 BST 2009

On Thu, 2009-06-11 at 10:10 +0800, starconsultancy wrote:
> So as I understood it is not a infrastructure problem the
> Internet-connection in Malaysia (meaning cables). Glass-fiber is quite
> expensive and a lot of work. However it is a good investment. But if
> the server-capacity is restricted then still traffic-jam on the net
> will exist.

fiber is already installed for many backbones in Malaysia. what capacity
they have and who gets to use it is another matter. copper pairs and
ADSL are good enough as it is. i mean do you really need a fiber cable
to your home? and can you afford the rental???

> It looks like then that the capacity of servers is too little to
> handle the traffic. Maybe also Gateway is not sufficient.
> Satellite internet is  maybe a good option. Especially in remote
> areas. What I know that Malaysia has two satellites. Maybe it is
> possible to use some capacity of these satellites to cover Malaysia
> with good internet-connection.

there are several VSAT options available in Malaysia but they are way
out of the reach of the "normal" Malaysian. also, speeds are not that
good for uplinks on VSAT. i think they're all based on old US technology
but not at old technology prices.

in fact, these VSAT systems are set up in many rural schools and are
under-utilised but that's another story....

> Actually it is really a pity that the connection is often falling back
> to less than 30kbs or even zero.

more likely issues with Streamyx DSLAMs and/or routers

> In Holland I am spoiled with 400kbs. But it would be very nice that
> about 100kbs will be available for each consumer-user.
> greetings
> frans



Donald P Kong


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