[ubuntu-my] Bandwidth Test for MY is way far lower than other country

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Wed Jun 10 18:15:03 BST 2009

what about shorewall users?

On Wed, 2009-06-10 at 21:47 +0800, Hasanuddin Abu Bakar wrote:
> +1 itiknila and don't forget to ENABLE ENCRYPTION on your torrent
> clients to avoid throttling by TMnet. if not, your internet connection
> will drop to 10-20kbps IMMEDIATELY.
> Use this rules on your DD-WRT/OpenWRT routers or your Ubuntu machine.
> iptables -A FORWARD -m layer7 --l7proto bittorrent -j DROP
> to automatically drop unencrypted connections. Good luck!!



Donald P Kong


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