[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu, diskless

Umarzuki Mochlis umarzuki at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 11:47:52 BST 2009

A friend asked me on how to implement this kind of setup in a cyber cafe
that he works. I never done that kind of stuff before and if I didn't know
any better, I'd just give him this link instead:

But the problem is, he also needs me to teach him Ubuntu basics which scares
me a lot because it'll be hard for a newbie to maintain such a setup without
months of system admin experience, IMHO. I'd be glad to help him on
understanding GNU+Linux and Ubuntu but regarding this diskless thing, and I
could try setup the diskless environment but it could lead to a lot of other
stuff. I believe technicians out there know what I mean.

How do I go about this problem?


Umarzuki Mochlis
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