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Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Win an Iphone 3g by blogging about BarCampJB
To: Barcamp Johor <barcamp-johor at googlegroups.com>

BarCamp JB is happening this 6th and 7th December at MSC Cyberport JB.
We have plenty of interesting sessions: http://barcamp.org/BarCampJBsessions

So if you haven't done so already its time to register at

To kick things off, we have a cool contest thanks to Ganesh who
contributed his slightly use Iphone 3g (locked US version) BarCampJB
is going to have a cool contest.

Blog about BarCampJB

We want you to cover BarCampJB and let those in cyberspace follow what
is going on with BarCampJB

The prize: Hardly used Iphone 3g, locked US version – (can be unlocked
with Turbo Sim I heard) sponsored by Ganesh, MSC Cyberport

Contest Mechanics

1. Blog and Twitter about BarCampJB

2. Scoring : Amount of Post 30%, (divided into 15% pre event, 15%
during event)
Quality of Post 30%,
Creativity(using pictures video (20%),
Using Twitter.com (microblogging) 20%

3. Link back to www.barcamp.my/blog

4. must include barcamp logo in one of the post

5. must include barcamp badge in your blog (you can get that at

6. blogpost and pictures must be tagged barcampjb

7. Twitter must be tagged #barcampjb

8. The judges will be following your post viahttp://blogsearch.google.com/
and http://search.twitter.com/search?q=barcampjb

Judges : Cheryl Goh, Eugene and Daniel CerVentus [so these guys cant
win :-( ]

Contest Starts NOW and ends 2.00 pm BarCampJB time, 7th December 2008.

More details will be uploaded in www.barcamp.my/blog

warning: Internet connections may be an issue so bring your own

*hint you can Twitter via SMS too.
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