[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu Hardy Launch Party Suggestion

Eric seidlitz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 12:38:44 GMT 2008

Excellent suggestion. Perhaps a good date for a Hardy launch party would be
26 or 27 April 2008? That would give people time to download the ISO file
and make copies for others whose Streamyx connection is - ahem - not so
great. ;^) If we had the launch party on the release date, it might just be
a download party - which is a bit less fun. Especially if we're relying on -
ahem - Streamyx.


Salam All Ubuntuians,
> Wow.. long time no post in the mailing list.. :-)
> BTW would like to suggest to all for our next Ubuntu event... the Hardy
> Heron launch PARTY. I believe the date is somewhere late next month.
> This can be our twice yearly event where we gather and tryout the new
> flavour of Ubuntu among the community.
> Also would like to suggest having some barbeque party-style of gathering
> rather than Meetup style with presentation et al. Basically more social
> kind of event.
> Anyone have any suggestion? would like to support the idea? want to
> volunteer venue? Feel free to bring forward your idea.
> Regards,
> WARiola...
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