[ubuntu-my] Leadership

Shaiffulnizam Mohamad shaifful.md at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 15:09:23 BST 2008

Sorry for interrupting this hot topic.
I've been monitoring this email about a week.
For me, we all should unite as one rather than divide our small
community with all the craps.

I've been involve in open source too started from 2001, I've seen many
group which started well then suddenly vanished because of just a small
matters. (i think none knows me, and i prefer that too)

Community and commercial can work together hand in hand. A community can
be supported by commercial company and this is not wrong at all. A
community even if it self sustained (i mean u supported each others).
Can also form a company to help the community.

I've been one of the main supporters for Mambo(since 2002) and Joomla
(2005). I give supports to Mambo and Joomla user for free too. After I
met with one of the core developer of Joomla last year, I also get some
interesting infos. Although he (I mean Johan Johannsen) is one of the
core Joomla developer, he mention to me. "When I wear Joomla cap, I'm
fully into Joomla Open Source, I'll do it for the open source community,
but when I take it off, I can do commercial works too, and that is how I
can do almost full time Joomla developer and support myself" So you can
be both, either open source or commercial.

Many does not realize that not so many people have their real interest
to open source instead of to promote their name. I've experience it. But
there are people who lives for open source and never ask for any
recognition - a true open source person.

So after mumbling for a few paragraphs my conclusion is we need a true
committed leader, a person who can lead to success, i don't even care
who he is, if he can bring and make changes to open source world
especially Malaysia. He/she can have a dream of commercializing his
expertise and at the same time contribute to the open source is much

Thanks for reading.. just my 2cents


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