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CS Lee geek00l at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 05:45:11 BST 2008

Hi all,

I'm no stranger to OSS and commercial world, and I hope my comment is
helpful here.

What is community?
Community is a bunch of people with same objective working together

What is company?
Company is a bunch of paid people working together

If one want to make money from open source, I have no arguments, this is
nothing wrong because if you want to make money from open source, you will
have to pay your time and human resources to get it done(which means you
have to pay the money to keep it going).

The way company and community giving back to the open source arsenal are
Community tends to give back with source code enhancing, documentation
writing, application testing.

Company tends to pay money to support the event and so forth.

Money is not evil, it draws the motivation sometimes. With financial support
only you can go on, else it ends up hobbyist and people come and go style.

The simple way to do this is following other model, such as mozilla, bsd
foundation. They earn money from one side, and use that money to pump back
to the foundation which will support all the related events(say hackathon,

What is leader?
Simple enough, he/she needs to lead the bunch of people

Leader is stupid if he does all the things but can't get help from the bunch
of people, leader is stupid if he does not specify the objective of the
group, leader is stupid if he does not plan for the group, leader is stupid
if he can't execute the plan, leader is stupid if he can't even manage the
group. Leader is better not to be leader.

And I have already read bunch of the emails flowing through, I will say I'm
kind of disappointed to see so many people are still confusing about the
doing of community and commercial company. I will avoid about leader voting
stuffs here, this is not my purpose of writing this email. And another
correction here is M$ has their plan, they gave msdos for free and later
released windows for the addicts, that leads to monopoly soon enough.

Mark Shuttle is not stupid, he knows what he is doing. And the truth is

No one will do something for nothing, that collides with the human nature.

If you have no intention, you live with nothing .....

The end.

Best Regards,

CS Lee<geek00L[at]gmail.com>

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