[ubuntu-my] Report for Meetup Meeting 1 - revised. Pls ignore the first one.

Syamsul Anuar anuar at vastalux.com.my
Wed Jan 30 02:00:37 GMT 2008

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Meeting for Ubuntu Meetup 

#ubuntu-my Freenode

As per meeting this is the summary:-

- The meetup will be held at the UiTM Shah Alam IT Faculty on the 24th
of February 2008 (Sunday) 
- The Ubuntu meetup will be split into two session, morning and evening.
- The morning session will comprises of talks from speakers.
- The afternoon session will be a mashup of Ubuntu roadshow, Cd
Give-aways, Tech Demo, install-fest etc.
- The talks as of now is suggested to be around 4-5 speakers.
- The official website for the meetup will be www.ubuntu.com.my. Pls
refer regularly for any updates there.

Person in-Charge

- Speakers will be managed by wariola (wariola at gmail.com)
- The afternoon mashup roadshow will be handled by Fenris
(mohdfenris at gmail.com) and Mr Gunblade (gunbladeiv at gmail.com)
- The logistics and the likes will be in-charge by Sumardi
(me at sumardi.net)
- Financial and other related matters will be in-charge by Papit
(mypapit at gmail.com)
- T-Shirt and banner design will be handled by Mr Apogee
(jerungkun at gmail.com)
- So please sound off your ideas and suggestions to the intended party
either by email or mailinglist.


- As of now only Mr Papit had confirmed his participation titled “Ubuntu
@ Home”.
- There will be some UiTM master students to deliver their talk.
- Other topics that we suggest are “Ubuntu and Open Source in the
Enterprise”, “Open Source and Free Software in the government sector”
and maybe some basic Gimp and Inkscape presentation. Please suggest if
you think you want to have other topics.
- We also highly encourage others to volunteer present and share their
thoughts on the above topics or other relevant topics regarding Ubuntu
and Open Source.
- We also still needs an MC.


- We welcome any donation from the community in terms of monetary or
even better food sponsor. We have yet to work this one out, so please
sound off your suggestion at the mailinglist or Mr Papit.
- Also needs donation for Banner, bunting and the likes.

T-Shirt design

- T-Shirt design will be handled by Mr Apogee. He will come out with
design and anybody interested can buy it.


- Pls use the official banner found at our site (ubuntu.com.my) and put
at your blog, fav. forums, your girlfriend site, your enemy site and
whichever site to promote the meetup. Credit to Mr Gunblade for the
banner design.
- Please suggest other types of marketing too.

Next Meeting

- The next meeting will be held at #ubuntu-my Freenode server at 10.00
PM Sunday (3 February 2008.
- Please participate in order to make this event a success.. for all
human beings.

Side Note

- We have correct some of the BM grammar on our main site
(ubuntu.com.my). Pls take a look and comment as we continuously strive
to improve the site. 

Lastly, this OUR event TOGETHER for HUMAN BEINGS. Without your support
and co-operation it will not be a success. Lets work together to make it


wariola at gmail.com

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