[ubuntu-my] Next Ubuntu-my meeting

zarul shahrin zarulshahrin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 06:14:12 GMT 2008

Hai Guys,

I think the time is up for the meeting since the last one.. I think everyone
had enough chances to prove their capabilities in running up the
team/project. So as I promised, since I don't have much time to handle the
team which is growing bigger, There will be an election for a new leader,
comittee members and so on... The election will not be based on votes but
more on contribution, team work, and how long you have been in the team.
This is important in order to be fair to everyone and also to have a balance
of power... Thanks!

p/s: I haven't decide the date and time yet.. It will probably be after our
event in Uitm.. Thanks!
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