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Mohamad Faizul mypiju at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 18:13:37 GMT 2008

any brochure available  ?

On Feb 13, 2008 1:58 AM, Syamsul Anuar <anuar at vastalux.com.my> wrote:

>  Salam / Greetings to All,
> It is with great pleasure that we would like to re-announce that we will
> be having a meetup on the 24th of February 2008 at UiTM Shah Alam. The
> official site will be www.ubuntu.com.my
> As with all events Open Source, we would like to invite all the community
> to come and invite their friends/partner/parents/enemy etc to be there
> during the event and get first hand experience what Ubuntu is all about.
> Hopefully after the event, Ubuntu users will increase tenfold day by day.
> For now, the tentative of the program is still in the process of
> finalizing. However this much can be confirm for now.
> 1. There will be 3 speaker for topics "Ubuntu @ Home" and "Linux in SME".
> The other topic is still pending. Hopefully we get another speaker for Linux
> in Malaysia Govt. Suggestions/volunteers please email to
> wariola at ubuntu.com.my
> 2. The evening session will comprise of tech demo, install fest and howto.
> So bring your laptop, PC, Tablet PC, Server, Mainframe and supercomputer and
> we will install Ubuntu for you FOC. Suggestions and volunteers please email
> to fenris at ubuntu.com.my
> There is also a T-shirt specially design for the event (credit to Apogee).
> Pls tell us (organizer at ubuntu.com.my) whether anyone interested to buy or
> order the T-shirt. We will show the design later (SOON).
> There is also a small matter of food. Pls let us know anyone would like to
> sponsor this or at least contribute to this matter. We are actively seeking
> sponsor for this matter.
> Lastly, *WE NEED YOU!! *yes you. We need volunteer in this areas:-
> 1. Master of Ceremony (MC) (1 person)
> 2. Install fest (a few person know howto install ubuntu)
> 3. Tech Demo (compiz fusion thingie.. a few person and their graphic
> capable notebook... any EEE pc will be welcome too)
> 4. Photographer (2 person with camera)
> Please email us (either here in the mailinglist or organizer at ubuntu.com.my
> )
> Remember, this event is about *US, Ubuntu User.* So your help either
> direct or indirectly will help us in the things that we treasure most,
> Ubuntu and Open Source. Please write to us here or organizer at ubuntu.com.myif you think you have brilliant ideas.
> -on behalf of all organizer-
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