[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu-my Digest, Vol 20, Issue 14

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Sat Aug 16 13:30:03 BST 2008

there is a possibility that MS may be pushing vendors by "subsidising"
Vista on laptops. Users will then likely purchase Office and MS then
makes the money back.

an article somewhere on the internet noted that laptops pre-installed
with Vista also has a pre-installed Office environment which users can
use free for 90 days, after which they will have to purchase a license.

there is also mention of other "trial" software pre-installed. i found
this available on my ThinkPad which was purchased in Canada. after
conversion, it is actually cheaper than the models sold in Malaysia.

do note that countries like Germany, France and UK has a low software
piracy rate and users are most likely to pay for software they use so it
makes sense for MS to adopt such a strategy in those countries.

anyway, most Linux users in those countries just buy the laptop with
Windows and wipe out the hard drive to install Linux.

on the topics of viruses, there is a STRONG NEED to educate new Ubuntu
users on the usage of the "sudo" command. with the popularity of this
distro among new users, many browse the net looking for solutions to
their issues and are presented with many scripts which assist them to
install what they need. some of these ask elevate permissions through
the use of "sudo" to install software or configure the system.

new users should be warned that the contents of these scripts could be
dangerous if obtained from unverified sources.

On Sat, 2008-08-16 at 12:09 +0200, f.van.der.star at hetnet.nl wrote:
> Dear All,
> First of All it appeared that the Dell laptops with Ubuntu in Germany,
> France and United Kingdom are not cheaper than those which are
> installed with Mircrosoft Vista. Why? Do not ask me. There are
> complaints about this.
> Why Ubuntu (not saying that other distro's are more bad)? It appeared
> that this distro is most user friendly for not very computer literate
> people. The GUI is almost like that from APPLE Mc Intosh.
> I fully agree with Mr. P. Kong that it is good for young people to
> learn themselves about IT by using a Linux-distro. More over because
> (U)(Li)-nux has been used for many years in big organizations like :
> 1. Banks (all money-machines are linux-machines)
> 2. ERP-sytems like Oracle SAP BAAN Huxley (you name it ; it works with
> Linux or Unix)
> 3. Big servers are operating with Linux-servers
> 4. Core software Mobile phones is Unix/Linux
> Shortly: Microsoft's XP and Vista will degrade more and more to
> "Fun"-software, while Linux' market represent the more professional
> one. Kindly refer to commands regarding Apache and Postgesql etcetera.
> How thinking of a Linux Ubuntu Taskforce?
> See in Kutching rather many initiatives; why not K.L..?
> Greeting now from TROPICAL MALAYSIA Lower Perak
> Frans van der Star
> f.van.der.star at hetnet.nl
> 012-5462950


Donald P Kong


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