[ubuntu-my] Dell Malaysia Ubuntu

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Thu Aug 14 16:41:59 BST 2008

last time i checked on malaysian Dell website, there was no way to
purchase a computer without having it come with a windows license. maybe
there is a way around it with an offline purchase. i did not bother to
ask. *shrug*

as you mentioned, it is quite understandable that in the past,
manufacturer's find it hard to pre-install computers with Linux since
there are problems of which distro to choose and who will support it
plus the costs involved. this should no longer be an issue since the
availability of Ubuntu and Canonical providing paid support if needed.

however, the discussion was that Dell Malaysia is not selling any
computer _in_ Malaysia with Ubuntu pre-installed while they do so in
some other countries.

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 20:22 +0800, ApOgEE wrote:
> Dear Donald,
> FYI, the price for new laptops from Dell without OS is cheaper than
> the one that come with Windows OS. It is about the price of that
> windows license. So, customer can install any OS they like and not
> just for Ubuntu. They can even install FreeBSD, Debian, Slackware,
> Fedora as they like. 
> But here in our company, we can give Ubuntu and copy it for free. And
> if they need support, they should ask Canonical. AFAIK Dell have no
> rights to provide support for Ubuntu OS. But they are so fast in
> providing Hardware support. If you have any problem with Dell products
> (not OS or software problem) they can come to your place and bring the
> spare parts for replacement within the warranty period. For laptops
> and desktop, you can get it in the next day after you report them and
> for server, is about 4 hour. Dell service are 24/7 and you can count
> on them.

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