[ubuntu-my] Dell Malaysia Ubuntu

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Thu Aug 14 12:44:43 BST 2008

that is a start although Linpus is more of an OS to show new users that
Linux is useless. hopefully these laptops are cheaper than the ones sold
with Windows on it.

it's a simple task to install Ubuntu on most hardware now. although
there are often issues with sound on these cheap Acer laptops. it does
take some effort to get sound working. this is mostly due to the poor
hardware in these low-end laptops.

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 09:49 +0800, Ruhaizad Daud wrote:
> with the linux penetration rate here in KK, I think the vendors here
> are still left lightyears behind Kuching, in terms of providing the
> users Linus OS with their OS free notebook. 
> The only linux that I see here is Linpus Linux-which happened to be
> pre-installed with Acer Aspire One. 
> Really hope they could change to the better...



Donald P Kong


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