[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu 7.10: Internet connection problem from VM ware

zarul shahrin zarulshahrin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 07:48:00 GMT 2007

Anyway, let's get things clear, the Ubuntu-My team will always give our full
supports to myoss as we are part of them ourselves. But something that you
guys need to be clear is... A little mathematical logic,

"Every topics on Ubuntu is related to OSS ,  but not every topics on OSS  is
related to Ubuntu..."

While it's an honor to have the meeting/meetup together with Other Open
Source lovers, you guys need to understand that, Ubuntu is Ubuntu, here at
Ubuntu-my we are focusing on that particular distro... In fact, the reason
why we are known as "ubuntu-my" instead of some OSS group in general...

Don't get me wrong, we are giving our full support towards Myoss "meetup" or
"meeting"  and we encourage all Ubuntu-my members to attend myoss "meetup"
and if possible to do a presentation for Ubuntu... But, I just need to make
it clear the idea behind Ubuntu meeting/meetup....
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