[ubuntu-my] Join The Malaysia Ruby Brigade

Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz aizat.faiz at gmail.com
Fri May 25 03:25:18 BST 2007

Join the Malaysia Ruby Brigade




Hence forth in the battlegrounds of the Internet, I stake a claim in
various IP address ranges in the name of the Malaysia Ruby Brigade.

Joining the ranks of other Brigades around the world, Singapore,
Seattle, Portland, a group of Ruby enthusiasts have come together to
form a coalition to advance the state of Ruby in Malaysia.

It’s time to get in line soldiers!

Spread the word, the Malaysia Ruby Brigade is recruiting new personnel
to clean the the barracks, wash the dishes, and drive me around.

Beware PHPers as we will cut through your spaghetti barrier defense,
with our modular mix-ins!

Java-ians, you better watch out as we, we will enslave your notorious
XML and inflict thee with they fury of the YAML. It will almost be like
freeing you from the pain you stupidly inflicted on yourself.

To the Pythonista bretherens, even though we find you short sighted, you
share a similar resemblance amongst us, as if we were raised together
like brothers. We open doors to you to take up arms at Ruby Brigade.
Though only at the lowest ranks, you get the opportunity to be target
practice, and if you do really well you get to do our dirty laundry.

To the others, we gladly accept any challenge to bear arms!

Towards a purification of the source code! 


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