[ubuntu-my] Ubuntu-my Digest, Vol 13, Issue 9

Donald P Kong dpkong at pc.jaring.my
Wed Dec 12 16:51:06 GMT 2007

IIRC, the arguments are that the files on the CD of the desktop version
are large compressed images which are decompressed on-the-fly as

it was decided that using jigdo to assemble the CD is not a good idea
since if during the download of the compressed files were somehow
corrupted or disconnected, it would have to be downloaded again.

also, the mirrors holding debs where jigdo gets the files from would
waste un-necessary space to hold these compressed files which make up
the desktop version.

there may be other reasons i forget.

a link here explains it in technical terms. there is another Debian post
which i can't recall which is more precise.


i jigdo images of Debian and Ubuntu CD/DVD from a local mirror and can
assemble the CD in less than 10 mins.. :P

when assembling the CD using jigdo, it does a test at the end to ensure
the CD was generated properly. even though you get 404 errors (i see
them too), the CD generates fine.

i believe the 404 errors are because the jigdo files were not updated to
reflect the changes in packages since the initial release of the server
CD jigdo template. the apt mechanism to install packages defaults to
getting packages from the CD first unless the CD line has been commented
out in sources.list and failing to find the package, it will source it
from the ubuntu mirrors.

hope this clears up your questions.

> I am a new user of ubuntu and I have recently used jigdo to download the server version (I do not understand why the desktop version has not been converted to jigdo version? Anyone can tell.) I noted error 404 data or files not found. I used to terminate the process but once I left it running then the jigdo process is OK. Anyone is interested then I will upload more details like the jigdo setting files etc. 
> I have not got anything substantial to offer but thought that the error is annoying but it was certainly no fault of Richard Atterer who developed the jigdo. It is definitely cool. 
> CS

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