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Syamsul Anuar anuar at vastalux.com.my
Wed Dec 12 01:02:09 GMT 2007

Just to inform you guys. We're on the front page of The Star In Tech
yesterday (11 December 2007). There's a step by step installation for
"general malaysian" user of all the important stuff (MP3, streamyx etc).
Good to see that Ubuntu is going to prime time. 

Regarding the PC, I think Intel supports Linux better at this point of
time so its a good start. But to run santa rosa-based processor you must
go for Gutsy. Feisty does not support it natively.

Anuar a.k.a. war|ola

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>    1.   Best Dual Core spec for Ubuntu (ApOgEE)
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> From: ApOgEE <jerungkun at gmail.com>
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> Hi friends,
> My friend ask me to make a PC for him. As he is an 'innocent' end user who
> didn't really use computer much before and not even "get used" with any
> specific Microsoft windows based products, I suggest him to install Ubuntu
> on his computer. I've previously suggest him to use Firefox and forget IE
> when he surf internet and that makes me strong enough to convince him as he
> is already addicted to Firefox and it is already there in Ubuntu. About USB
> devices, I've already convinced him that it is as easy as using them on
> windows (am I right?).
> Anyway, It's been years that I'm not following the hardware scene. Can
> anyone suggest me the best Dual Core spec for Ubuntu please? I hope I can
> assemble them with LCD monitor with cost lower than RM2K. And I hope the PC
> can run smoothly with Ubuntu. Even if it will be use for video editing or
> something like that as I expect he like to edit video because he have a
> camcorder and digital camera.
> my current suggestion is
> Pentium Dual Core (E2160)
> 1GB DDR2 533MHz
> 250GB HDD
> Memory Cards reader
> samsung 732NPlus 17" LCD
> 10/100Mbps NIC
> maybe using ASUS mobo.... I'm not sure which model
> I'm not really sure that these specs really works well with Ubuntu as I
> haven't test it yet. Can anyone suggest me the best spec that works fine
> with Ubuntu? I hope this guy will love it if he have no problem with this
> PC, he will surely promote Ubuntu to his friends like he already did with
> Firefox... hehehe...  Long live Ubuntu!!!
> Best Wishes,
> ApOgEE a.k.a JeRuNgKuN
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