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ApOgEE jerungkun at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 08:36:33 GMT 2007

Hi friends,

My friend ask me to make a PC for him. As he is an 'innocent' end user who
didn't really use computer much before and not even "get used" with any
specific Microsoft windows based products, I suggest him to install Ubuntu
on his computer. I've previously suggest him to use Firefox and forget IE
when he surf internet and that makes me strong enough to convince him as he
is already addicted to Firefox and it is already there in Ubuntu. About USB
devices, I've already convinced him that it is as easy as using them on
windows (am I right?).

Anyway, It's been years that I'm not following the hardware scene. Can
anyone suggest me the best Dual Core spec for Ubuntu please? I hope I can
assemble them with LCD monitor with cost lower than RM2K. And I hope the PC
can run smoothly with Ubuntu. Even if it will be use for video editing or
something like that as I expect he like to edit video because he have a
camcorder and digital camera.

my current suggestion is
Pentium Dual Core (E2160)
1GB DDR2 533MHz
Memory Cards reader
samsung 732NPlus 17" LCD
10/100Mbps NIC
maybe using ASUS mobo.... I'm not sure which model

I'm not really sure that these specs really works well with Ubuntu as I
haven't test it yet. Can anyone suggest me the best spec that works fine
with Ubuntu? I hope this guy will love it if he have no problem with this
PC, he will surely promote Ubuntu to his friends like he already did with
Firefox... hehehe...  Long live Ubuntu!!!

Best Wishes,

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