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This is a...
Not really understood this mail's purposes. :)

On 12/17/06, Ong hean kuan <mysurface at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear All:
> I read this from a mag called "linux for you"
> Meetubgs, lectures, events:
> Regular meetings, events and technical lectures should be encouraged at
> different venues.
> Embrace newbies:
> Newbies should be given a cmfortable environment by existing members. They
> should be encouraged to freely come out with their doubts and queries
> Students' participation:
> The student community should be mobiliesd to provide an enthusiastic
> environment, and take on the mantle to carry on the legacy of the LUG
> Website:
> Websites should be updated on a regular basis. Online support on specific
> issues should also be provided.
> Recruitment ground for job seekers:
> LUGs should act as a platform for the placemenet of those seeking to make
> a living on linux-based jobs.
> Industry praticipation:
> More players from the industry should be encouraged to participate.
> Besides educating LUGs about industry expectations, this would also help in
> generating financial resources for them.
> Networking with other LUGs:
> LUGs can be reconstituted, so that a few big LUGs can have under their
> aegis smaller local level LUGs.
> Guys, what do you think? Lets do something fun and enjoy together. By the
> way, wish you guys Merry Christmas!
> Best Regards.
> surface.
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