[ubuntu-my] Progress of ubuntu.com.my

Nicholas Ng nbliang at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 06:37:12 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

If set on 22 Dec 2006, I will not be around as it is near to Christmas 
and I am going back to Kampung. But u guys can go ahead with it.


Nicholas Ng
Malaysia Ubuntu Team
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smithveg wrote:
> Hey,
> Is ok, if have a meeting in #buntu-my. This is a good suggestion. I can 
> enjoy my lunch during the meeting and nobody know about it. ^^
> Since Zarul or Sumard seems a bit busy. Why not we set a date and time. 
> Then we ask them and everybody is that ok. Then fixed it.
> Ok, i try to set it at 22, December 2006. Around 12pm - 6pm. This is 
> just my suggestion. You can suggest any other day if that is not 
> suitable for you. I do not have much experiences to manage the meeting. ^^
> -- 
> Smithveg
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