Bugs in Firefox Nightly

Xavier Guillot Valeryan_24 at laposte.net
Mon Mar 19 17:41:49 UTC 2012


I use the Mozille daily ppa on Ubuntu Precise beta and I noticed several 
bugs related to Firefox-trunk (13 and now 14.0a1 version) software.

I tried to fill them in Launchpad but was asked to send a mail to 
ubuntu-mozillateam at lists.ubuntu.com :

- Open links in backgrounds does not work anymore

On the contrary to Firefox, when Firefox-trunk is set as default 
browser, when it runs but another program is in foreground and has focus 
on Unity (Thunderbird, Gwibber...) : normally when I click on a link, 
this one opens in Firefox, its icon on Unity dock blinks but the Firefox 
window remains in background.

So I can read many mails / tweets and click on many links without to 
switch everey time between the programs, and at the end go to Firefox 
and read all the tabs.

With Firefox-trunk it does not work anymore, each time Firefox-trunk 
takes the focus and comes to foreground.

Same with selecting words and do "context menu" search with google, in 
Firefox the tab opens in background, in Firefox-trunk it switches 
automatically to the new tab.

It's very disturbing.

I solved the problem for the moment by changing following rules on 
about:config window :

browser.search.context.loadInBackground = true
browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground = true

Now Firefox-trunk stays in background when clicking a link from another 
program. But its Unity icon does not blink anymore, and focused tab 
stays the last visited, not the last loaded.

I don't know if there is a bug, if it can be corrected, or a new 
"feature", but I'd like to get back to previuos behavior, please.

- Bookmarks mloving on "Show all bookmarks" window

When I move only 1 bookmark, no problem, it's immediate.

When there are several to move together, window freezes a few time 
before I can move the selected bookmarks and put them in another folder.

By freeze I don't mean it becomes gray, just selected rows remain 
immobile even if I move mouse. A few seconds later, I can move again.

The more I select bookmarks to move, the longer the freeze is.

- Sometimes it's impossible to delete recent history

I could not reproduce this bug on all computers. On a fresh install 
32bits, it works fine.

On my 64-version at home PC, I can't make the history cleaning through 
"Clear All History" window.

Clicking on the "Clear now" button does nothing, window stays here and 
nothing is cleaned.

I can manually delete history and cookies, but not this way...

I tried with all addons disabled, same bug, but I don't know why.

Thanks in advance. Best regards,

Xavier Guillot

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