Duck Duck Go to replace Bing in default search list for Firefox

Bryan Quigley BryanQuigley at
Fri Jun 17 03:18:35 UTC 2011

Hi All,

My rationale from my Brainstorm <>:

Currently Ubuntu provides the default Firefox search engines. It makes sense
to be more strategic about who we give search engine real estate to. We are
promoting them, by providing them as a default option.

At the very least we could get ride of Bing, a direct competitor and the key
company behind bug #1. Others might be good to remove in the future as well.

I suggest we replace Bing with Duck Duck Go because:
Duck Duck Go is a great search engine that is very powerful. It also
respects your privacy (

>From the FAQ - Is DDG open source?
Some of it. It's also largely built with "FOSS". We also give 10% of our
income to FOSS. Check out this years donations.

Please give it a try at

and Thanks,
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