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John Vivirito at
Tue May 11 13:38:18 BST 2010

I'm sorry im not sure where to click to get that
request for Java. Can you please give me the steps
to reproduce this. I don't speak/read anything but

On 05/04/2010 06:33 PM, Juanjo Gandoy wrote:
> The version of the browser is Firefox 3.6.3 running on Ubuntu 9.10
> karmic
> In making the speed test on the website of Telefonica:
> 2Btestvelocidad_izq%2Bv_segmento%2BAHOG%2Bv_idioma%2Bes%2Bmenu_izq%2B2%
> 2Bmenu_cab_sup%2BCliente%2BambitoAcceso%
> 2Bpub,00.html?ow=HOPAC402&v_procede=home&uri=/on/io/es/micro/test_velocidad/test_velocidad_telefonica.htm&v_segmento=AHOG&v_idioma=es
> must install the following plugins:
> The Web IcedTea Plugin Broser, if it is installed. and the Java (TM)
> Plug-in Java SE 6 giving the following error message:
> No description found in plugin database. report a bug to
> ubuntu-mozillateam at
> Juanjo Gandoy
> juanjo.gandoy at
> Usuario Ubuntu: # 29151
> Ubuntu 9.10 karmic

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