channel=fs parameter in Google search query

Alexander Konovalenko alexkon at
Sun Aug 1 18:55:04 BST 2010

By the way, why did you remove the aq=t parameter? It lets Google know
that the query is coming from a suggest-enabled search bar.

For references, here is a diff of the Google search pluging from Lucid
against the upstream version.

diff -U2 google.xml.upstream-firefox-3.6
--- google.xml.upstream-firefox-3.6
+++ /usr/lib/firefox-addons/searchplugins/en-US/google.xml
@@ -6,11 +6,9 @@
 <Url type="application/x-suggestions+json" method="GET"
 <Url type="text/html" method="GET" template="">
+  <Param name="client" value="ubuntu"/>
+  <Param name="channel" value="fs"/>
   <Param name="q" value="{searchTerms}"/>
   <Param name="ie" value="utf-8"/>
   <Param name="oe" value="utf-8"/>
-  <Param name="aq" value="t"/>
-  <!-- Dynamic parameters -->
-  <Param name="rls" value="{moz:distributionID}:{moz:locale}:{moz:official}"/>
-  <MozParam name="client" condition="defaultEngine"
trueValue="firefox-a" falseValue="firefox"/>

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