xulrunner-1.9 build problem on armel

Dave P. Martin Dave.Martin at arm.com
Wed Mar 11 18:25:43 GMT 2009


I'm trying to investigate the performance benefits of enabling the use of
hardware floating point in Firefox (especially xulrunner) on armel

firefox-3.0 (3.0.7+nobinonly-0ubuntu1) builds fine with a modified
--enable-optimize= option to add the extra CFLAGS.  However, I run into a
problem when trying to build xulrunner-1.9 (,
complaining that XPTcall is not implemented for the platform.
I'm building natively on a Freescale i.MX51 based board (Babbage) - it's a
Cortex-A8 based plafrorm.

Seek to the end of the attached log for details of the failure.

I notice that the Makefile for the affected code chooses an implementation
based on some variables, including OS_TEST, which is expected to contain
something like "arm" or "sa110", but is in fact being set to the empty
string.  OS_TEST is derived by some route from the gnu-style platform
string, which configure is detecting as armv5l-unknown-linux-gnueabi for the
firefox-3.0 build, but when xulrunner-1.9 is configured, confiure prints out
"checking host system type... Invalid configuration `c-disable-updater':
machine `c-disable' not recognized".

Any idea what is happening here?  It looks like it may be related to the
--disable-updater configure command line option specified in

I'm assuming that this package must have built OK on your armel buildd
boards, otherwise there wouldn't be binary packages available...

Any help would be appreciated.


Dave Martin,
Senior Engineer,
Media Processing Division,
Room F9,
ARM Limited, 110 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge,
United Kingdom.

Tel: +44 1223 400581
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