SOCKS problem in Iceape and Icedove

Alexandre ARBEY arbey at
Wed Mar 4 08:12:01 GMT 2009


I have a problem since some time. I am generally using iceape 1.1.14 
through a SOCKS proxy, but it is not working anymore. I tested the same 
kind of proxy with Icedove, and there is the same problem.
What is strange is that in Iceweasel 3.0.6,this proxy is working, and it 
also works with tsocks. I probably broke some config or package which is 
used by both Icedove and Iceape, but I do not know which one. I 
desintall/reinstall both packages without success...
I am currently working on Debian Unstable under KDE 4.2 with all 
packages up-to-date.
Thanks in advance for any idea,
A. Arbey

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