Ubuntu Mozilla Team meeting next week

Alexander Sack (Ubuntu MozillaTeam) asac at ubuntu.com
Sun Jan 11 08:00:07 GMT 2009

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Ubuntu Mozilla Team meeting next week!

The next Ubuntu Mozilla Team meeting will be held on:
    Sunday, 18th January, 19:00 UTC
in #ubuntu-meeting on FreeNode network (irc.freenode.org).

The current agenda is available on Mozilla Team meetings
wiki page [1].

If you would like to discuss a certain topic, and it's not
on the agenda, feel free to suggest it, either by adding it
on the mentioned wiki page, or by sending an e-mail to the
mailing list or me.

It would be good if you could place your name on the Attending
list, if you are planning to attend the meeting.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Meetings

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