Bug#539535: Please migrate from latex-xft-fonts to ttf-lyx

Sven Hoexter sven at timegate.de
Sat Aug 1 19:55:10 BST 2009

Package: icedove
Severity: minor

your package icedove currently suggests the latex-xft-fonts
package which has been replaced by the ttf-lyx package. The new ttf-lyx
package recently migrated to testing so it would be nice if you could change
your package on the next upload to suggest the new ttf-lyx package instead
of latex-xft-fonts.
To ensure a smooth transition the latex-xft-fonts package has been turned
into a transitional package already.

Background information:
The LyX upstream developers nowdays maintain the fonts originaly distributed
in the latex-xft-fonts package within the LyX source tree. As a consequence we
decided to drop the latex-xft-fonts package and distribute these fonts from
the lyx source package in a new ttf-lyx package. Beside those old fonts
distributed in the latex-xft-fonts package this new package also provides two
new fonts esint10 and eufmt10.

(on behalf of the LyX packaging team)
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