Running Thunderbird 3 Beta2 in Lenny 64bits

Renato S. Yamane yamane at
Fri Apr 24 12:07:12 BST 2009


I have Dabian Lenny 64bits installed and I check that is *impossible* 
connect in a server (imap/pop/smtp) using Thunderbird 3 Beta2 (but not 
only with this version).

Thunderbird can be started, but when you click in "Get Mail" I received 
this error message in gui: "Failed to connect to server":

As you can see in image above, Wireshark don't show none package 
sent/received when I click in "Get Mail".

I open a report bug in Mozilla:

And, how you can see, user rsx11m (comment #27) says to get some help 
with Debian Team too.

Renato S. Yamane

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