Reporting bugs

Alexander Sack asac at
Wed Apr 1 10:31:32 BST 2009

CC'ed Fabien,

Thanks. For 3.5 we should have new packages in jaunty archive
soon, so you can file your bugs there (for now use firefox-3.1 - which
is 3.5 ;)); for 3.6, using the ubuntu-mozillateam mailing list (also
CCed) is probably the right place to approach us; if we find its not
ubuntu specific, we will ask you to file bugs in
directly for 3.6.

On Wed, Apr 01, 2009 at 09:22:37AM -0000, Eduard Grebe wrote:
> Dear Alexander, Fabien
> Do you want bug reports on the daily builds? (If so, where should I
> report them?)
> For example, the firefox 3.5b4pre build at the moment has two major
> problems:
> (1) the navbar buttons do not work
> (2) it ignores the "open new windows in tabs instead" setting

Is the ubufox extension enabled? can you try to disable it (and all
other extensions) and let us know if the issue goes away.


 - Alexander

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