MathML fonts & bleeding edge firefox can be packaged in ubuntu?

shirish shirishag75 at
Sun Mar 9 16:46:20 GMT 2008

Hi all,
 I went to this site , while going
through stuff came across this :-

Linux with Firefox

Firefox supports the MathML equations natively, but to get the
equations to look right you'll need to download and install the extra
In the off-the-shelf version of Firefox, you'll see the GIF renderings
of SVG diagrams. Firefox will display an "install additional plugins"
message, but you should ignore it as when you click it it won't find a
suitable plugin. In order to handle the SVG graphics natively, you'll
need the bleeding-edge version of Firefox: get it from the Mozilla SVG
project page. You get a choice of the libart or cairo rendering
backends. Libart is quicker but cairo has more features.

Also ffb4 is round the corner, any possibility of it being accepted for Hardy?

          Shirish Agarwal
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