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Alexander Sack asac at
Thu Mar 8 00:17:18 GMT 2007

I fully agree to what John said below ... triaging bugs is a good
thing to get new members started.

On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 01:48:52PM -0500, John Vivirito wrote:
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> David Farning wrote:
> > Hey all,
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> > Here is a second stab at the membership page.
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> > As usual, positive feed back is appreciated and constructive
> > criticism is grudgingly accepted;) thanks
> I think we should list bugs, as a big thing on memebership. I guess
> what i mean is that for example this line
> "A person who wants to become a member should have a established
> history of contribution to the team. This can include branding,
> localization, artwork, multimedia plug-ins, flash issues, java issues,
> gui consistency, stability, security.... Anybody who is active on the
> team is a good candidate for membership."
> should have bugs mentioned since that is our biggest stump atm. We
> need good bug traigers to do the first phase of traige (tag, set to
> needs info, Find out as much as possible about the report) IMHO they
> dont need to beable to set importance, they can hang in
> #ubuntu-mozillateam and ask someone to set importance for them.
> hjmf and myself with asac on 64/ppc(if he can do ppc now) can handle
> the retraces for the most part. I would really like to grab a 64bit pc
> or someone with one that can set up edgy and feisty 64bit chroots and
> run the reraces on them and leave asac to the more important things
> like pushing packages, dealing with wishlists, packaging, things like
> that. He knows i am willing to patch what i can for testing purposes.
> while im in PA i will be doing as much "bug work" as possible. IMHO
> some of the new applicants we have for membership with 0 karma and
> very little experirence we can have them read the triaging page and i
> think someone or everyone can help them get started with doing phase
> one of bug triage (but they have to be in our channel atleast
> sometime) or theres not much we can do.
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