Bug Tagging List

Freddy Martinez freddymartinez9 at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 13 10:27:31 BST 2007

I have compiled a list with bughelper's help and sent it in the
channel for all the bugs that are tagged improperly [1]. Remember that
bugs should be tagged using out tagging conventions [2] and bug
reports with no tag are marked as being tagged improperly (because
they need tags for confim and need info bug states). I think John will
be hacking on this list so it may be out of date by the time you look
at it. You can just do: bughelper -p firefox > output.file and look in
that file for the latest bughelper goodness however. I have also
included a list of likely dups according to bughelper [3] . If you are
new to bug management, please take a look at these bugs and _*ask for
feedback/guidance*_ in the #ubuntu-mozillateam channel. This will
ensure bugs are being handled in the proper manner (and thus nobody
will have to undo another's work).

Have a great Hug Day.

[1] http://paste.stgraber.org/1554
[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/Tags
[3] http://paste.stgraber.org/1553
Freddy Martinez
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