Latest thunderbird packages for feisty break Preferences dialog

John Vivirito ubuntu.ase at
Wed Aug 1 04:59:05 BST 2007

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David Fraser wrote:
> Hi John / Mozilla Team
> John asked me to info on the preferences dialogs etc breaking in
> thunderbird Unfortunately I downgraded to because
> of the problems, and then on upgrade they disappeared so I cannot
> report any :-) I did have a consistent crash and captured some
> backtraces on using gdb. seemed to be crashing as
> well but has stopped now (it was crashing consistently on certain
> messages being displayed) and so unfortunately I don't have a
> backtrace for that. My only problem now is that IMAP usage seems
> slower than before, but that's a fairly nebulous thing to report.
> So as not to have nothing to say, I'll attach the backtrace.
> Regards David
> ----- "John Vivirito" <gnomefreak at> wrote:
>> David Fraser wrote:
>>> Hi John
>>> Thanks for your thunderbird 2 packages for Ubuntu. I've had to
>> downgrade
>>> back to because the release packages gave me
>>> XUL
>> errors
>>> when trying to view most dialogs. Are you aware of this? If not
>> I'll
>>> reupgrade and give you some bug reports... is this the right
>>> place
>> to
>>> send them?
>>> Thanks David Fraser
>> Can you please get me all info as you can from the broken tbird,
>> i think i know the issue but i need to be sure that it is it
>> before i go removing dependencies, you can send bug info to
Thank you for the reply. I dont see enough of a backtrace to do much
with or to determine what the issue is. Can you please give us a
detailed step by step instructions so maybe one of us can try to
reproduce? Thank you for testing this.

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