[Bug 115153]

Ray Satiro 115153 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Jun 10 03:14:53 UTC 2021

I'm not sure if I have the same problem but I'll explain it. Messages I
received in Thunderbird did not actually have the right 'Received' date.
So I added mailnews.customDBHeaders = " Received" and now the received
column shows the date when my mail was actually received. But sorting by
'Received' is still no different from supporting by date. So I tried
'Order Received' and that seems to work except with threaded messages.
For example ascending threaded:

foo      100
bar      102
-re:bar  105
qux      103

So I would expect that the 'bar' thread would come after qux but it
doesn't. This is actually a big problem sometimes because I have a lot
of messages in my inbox and sometimes when they don't arrive for several
days they end up way back earlier in the list and I don't even notice
them. I will upload two screenshots.

In fairness that happens rarely but I'm surprised this bug has been open
for a decade. How do we get it handed off to someone?

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  Counter intuitive ordering for threaded Email ordered by "order

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