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The fact that there's a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell explains life well Dolores wouldn't have eaten the meal if she had known what it actually was.   Twin 4-month-olds slept in the shade of the palm tree while the mother tanned in the sun. With a single flip of the coin, his life changed forever. The Tsunami wave crashed against the raised houses and broke the pilings as if they were toothpicks. There's an art to getting your way, and spitting olive pits across the table isn't it. When motorists sped in and out of traffic, all she could think of was those in need of a transplant. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long. I liked their first two albums but changed my mind after that charity gig. Twin 4-month-olds slept in the shade of the palm tree while the mother tanned in the sun. He spiked his hair green to support his iguana.  Their argument could be heard across the parking lot. The book is in front of the table. The hand sanitizer was actually clear glue. She was sad to hear that fireflies are facing extinction due to artificial light, habitat loss, and pesticides. Nudist colonies shun fig-leaf couture. His confidence would have bee admirable if it wasn't for his stupidity. Although it wasn't a pot of gold, Nancy was still enthralled at what she found at the end of the rainbow.  The external scars tell only part of the story. I caught my squirrel rustling through my gym bag.  He invested some skill points in Charisma and Strength. She thought there'd be sufficient time if she hid her watch. The tattered work gloves speak of the many hours of hard labor he endured throughout his life. Yeah, I think it's a good environment for learning English. Jeanne wished she has chosen the red button. One small action would change her life, but whether it would be for better or for worse was yet to be determined. He shaved the peach to prove a point. Having no hair made him look even hairier. This is the last random sentence I will be writing and I am going to stop mid-sent He decided to live his life by the big beats manifesto. Mothers spend months of their lives waiting on their children.  The truth is that you pay for your lifestyle in hours.  I would be delighted if the sea were full of cucumber juice. She wasn't sure whether to be impressed or concerned that he folded underwear in neat little packages.  The memory we used to share is no longer coherent. At that moment he wasn't listening to music, he was living an experience. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on anyone in the room. Mary plays the piano.  Today is the day I'll finally know what brick tastes like. He had a wall full of masks so she could wear a different face every day. The door slammed on the watermelon.

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