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On 2010-10-14T15:22:13+00:00 Martin-canoy wrote:

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Build Identifier: 3.1.4

When using the filter bar, it is desirable to have different filter
options for different folders.

For example, for Inbox, one might normally filter on sender & subject.

But for the Sent folder, filtering on sender makes no sense, better
options would be to be recipient and subject.

Right now, once you define the filter criteria, this seems to move from
folder to folder.  You have to re-set the filter options when moving
from folder to folder versus being able to define one for each folder.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Select Inbox
2. Then type in a word in the filter search box.
3. Then define the filter criteria, ie. sender and subject.
4. Then select the Sent folder
5. Type in a work in the filter search box.
6. The filter criteria remains sender and subject.  Would like to be able to define criteria unique to each folder.

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On 2011-10-25T11:43:25+00:00 Acelists wrote:

Ah, this is about the Quick filter search that is per folder. And about
the fields where to search for the search term (sender, recipient,
subject, body).

Haven't seen a dupe so far.

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On 2012-07-30T12:56:42+00:00 Tconrad63 wrote:

I was about to create a new item for this but see it's already been
flagged in 2010.

I think maintaining a quick filter "per folder" is good, but honestly,
I'd be OK if just the "Sent" folder was special.   As the OP said, it
makes no sense to filter on "Sender" in the "Sent" folder.  Those were
sent by.. me!   However, I would typically want "Sender" in other
folders and occasionally "Recipients".   I'd be OK if those were per-
folder, or just used the last search types for all non "Sent" folders
(which might be easier to code).

I typically need to do quicksearch between Inbox, latest saved month and
Sent folders and during a typical day it means toggling between Sender
and Recipients for every search task, multiple times as I change folders
and search criteria until I find what I'm looking for.   Worst is to
forget to toggle the buttons and realize I need to go back and redo the

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On 2013-04-09T22:26:00+00:00 Alta88-t wrote:

*** Bug 617378 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2013-05-28T22:49:04+00:00 Ruebe wrote:

I can't believe this hasn't been fixed in three years. Is it going to be
at all now that there's supposedly only security fixes??

The most frustrating thing is that this inbox<->sent used to work
automatically in earlier versions (pre-3.0? who keeps count in this new
version system...)!!

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On 2014-05-27T11:43:09+00:00 Rn214-richardneill wrote:

I agree with #2; it would be enough for just having the sent folder
special. Is there a bug bounty for this?

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On 2017-09-08T08:07:45+00:00 Vseerror wrote:

*** Bug 1135631 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2020-08-16T16:09:13+00:00 Marcoep wrote:

Interested folks, please, go vote for this. I'm transitioning from
Seamonkey Mail where this feature is already implemented: I really miss
it in TB! My use case is for for accounts with an "All" (virtual)
folder, where (with Seamonkey) I permanently keep the "Inbox" quick-
filtered by "Unread" and let the "All" folder show everything.

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  Search type should be remembered for each mailbox.

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