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Africas second most populous nation has been hit by two consecutive failed rains most recently due to the El Nino weather phenomenon a warming of seasurface temperatures in the Pacific which is causing hunger around the globe. This drought is on a scale and a level that nobody has ever seen before Charlie Mason Save the Childrens humanitarian director said. It�s an event driven by El Nino that is very much unprecedented and potentially catastrophic.

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Ethiopia received less rain in 2015 than at any time since meteorological records began in the 1960s Mason said. FOOD AID INADEQUATE In Amhara Miles met a mother who was unable to breastfeed her threemonthold twins because income from her restaurant had fallen by 70 percent and she was not getting enough food aid.

Families told Miles they were receiving food aid every six weeks or so but it only lasted about one week. It�s just not enough of a ration for people to live on she said.

The government has taken a lead giving 300 in emergency aid over the last few months but the scale of the crisis is immense agencies said.

Trying to feed the population of Greater London every month spread across a country the size of France and Spain is no mean feat said Mason.

The World Food Programme WFP the main provider of food aid has received only 13 percent of the money it needs up until June which is part of the total 1.4 U.N. target.

These contributions do not come close to meeting the 481 which is required the WFP said in emailed comments. Urgent contributions are essential now to be able to sustain the response.

It takes about three months for food aid pledged by a donor to reach the person who needs it. The largest donor is the United States which gives aid in the form of food to be shipped around the globe.

The WFP tries to speed up the process by asking for cash to buy food locally but there is not enough food on sale in the region to meet Ethiopias needs.

In order for that food to make any difference its got to be pledged right now said Miles.

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