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Lgrosenthal 148362 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu Mar 1 20:05:31 UTC 2012

Just going back through some historical entries in my own user activity
report. I see I added my address as a cc to this in 2004. :-)

Thanks, Petr, for your comment 77.

We do currently have support for multiple SMTP servers, and we do have
the ability to specify which server should be used for which account
and/or identity, however the original description of this RFE still
remains valid, and suggest changing subject to:

Ability to automatically failover to one or more alternate SMTP servers

I know of no extension which currently provides this functionality.

More specifically:

Assume two incoming accounts:

joe at shmoe.tld (personal email)
jshmoe at company.tld (business email)

Now assume three SMTP servers:


When Joe sends mail from home, he'll first try his own SMTP server
(smtp.shmoe.tld), but if that host is offline, he'd want to define his
ISP as a failover (smtp.joes-isp.tld) (assuming SPF records were in
place and such, so that mail coming from his ISP would not look like
spam to the recipient).

Likewise, when sending work email from home, he might want to first try
the Company server (smtp.company.tld), and if that should fail, then
fall back to his ISP (smtp.joes-isp.tld), but *never* use his own domain
for such outgoing email (smtp.shmoe.tld).

Thus, we would need a mechanism for defining the failover order for each
account and/or identity, and not simply allow failover from one server
to the next per placement in the list of outgoing servers in prefs.js.

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