[Bug 10883]

Rjesup 10883 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Oct 2 03:50:20 UTC 2011

So, we've been duping bug requests against this for 8 years; are we
thinking of ever fixing this?  This is related to other format bugs like
bug 509316 and bug 470062.

I realize solving this 'perfectly' might take a fair bit of work and
have tricky constraints - but instead we're not solving it at all.
Solve the primary cases and take bugs that it doesn't handle certain
edge cases.

To be clear: I'd be happy with basic conversion as if it was sent to an
address/domain that's not marked as wanting HTML or as if I'd used
'shift+reply' (which I never found until reading these bugs, which is
about as bad as the feature not being there).

This really is an overall design issue about how editing happens and
when conversion happens.  What I'd state is that the current state is
simply badly unsatisfactory for people who ever need to send plain-text
messages, as well as being confusing. ("hiding the HTML format bar" (but
really still editing in and showing HTML) when selecting plain-text is
confusing and surprising to users.)

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