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On 2003-04-29T17:10:02+00:00 Esther wrote:

Using trunk builds 20030428 onw winxp, macosx and linux if the user changes
their Mail composition default for font style, the prepopulated text used in 
Replys "xyx wrote:" does not change to this default.  If the user backspaces in
the first line all the way to the left, the newly typed text picks up the font
style of this pre populated text.  

1. Launch app - set to reply above quoted text (default for commercial builds)
2. Change your mailnews preference for composition to another font style.
3. Click Reply to a message someone sent preferably with the default font style.
4. Start typing (note you will see your default style), backspace all the way 
to the left margin, start typing again.

Result: the font is now of the style of the prepopulated text instead of your
default text.

Expected:  to be able to backspace and still have my default font used.

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On 2003-04-29T18:00:31+00:00 Esther wrote:

nomintaing because this is a new feature and mistakenly backspacing in a reply
can look as though this feature doesn't work all the time.

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On 2003-04-29T18:10:35+00:00 Esther wrote:

Also happens when Forwarding Inline, the prepopulated hearder of the forwarded
message has the same affect at the prepopulated text in a reply.

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On 2003-04-29T18:42:23+00:00 Sspitzer wrote:

over to shuehan

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On 2003-05-16T18:16:36+00:00 Samir-bugzilla wrote:

adt: nsbeta1-

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On 2004-08-23T21:17:39+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 251364 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2004-11-22T23:59:48+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 245581 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2004-11-23T00:01:48+00:00 Mcow wrote:

See (from the dupe) bug 245581 comment 1.

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On 2004-12-08T06:14:03+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 273622 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2005-03-21T15:28:31+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 287013 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2006-09-20T15:15:38+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 353424 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2007-03-14T22:20:16+00:00 Mcow wrote:

*** Bug 373904 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

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On 2007-03-31T21:44:08+00:00 Rob Hasselbaum wrote:

Created attachment 260245
Use HTML font preference for reply and forward headers

With this patch, Thunderbird uses the user's preferred HTML font
face/size for reply and forward header text. I added logic in
nsMsgCompose and the MIME routines to wrap header text in font markup if
we are in HTML composition mode and a non-default font face or size was
chosen in preferences.

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On 2007-04-01T14:58:12+00:00 Rob Hasselbaum wrote:

Created attachment 260269
Updated patch that addresses TT special case

Upon further testing, I discovered that the "Fixed Width" meta-font
requires use of the TT tag instead of FONT. Updated the patch to address
this special case.

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On 2007-08-15T01:30:53+00:00 Mscott-mozilla wrote:

Comment on attachment 260269
Updated patch that addresses TT special case

some minor nits:

+ nsXPIDLString font_face;

font_face should be a nsString


+      if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("tt").Equals(font_face))

should be

and does it need to be a case insensitive compare?

Can this:


be aText.AppendLiteral(...)?

Use a nsString here:
+ nsXPIDLString font_size;

could this be a simple switch statement?

+      if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("x-small").Equals(font_size))
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING("-2"));
+      else if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("small").Equals(font_size))
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING("-1"));
+      else if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("large").Equals(font_size))
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING("+1"));
+      else if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("x-large").Equals(font_size))
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING("+2"));
+      else if(NS_LITERAL_STRING("xx-large").Equals(font_size))
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING("+3"));
+      else
+        font_size.Assign(NS_LITERAL_STRING(""));

if not, the comparison statements should be of the form:

if (font_size.EqualsLiteral("xx-large"))

* NS_GetLocalizedUnicharPreferenceWithDefault(prefBranch,
"msgcompose.font_size", NS_LITERAL_STRING(""), font_size);

why don't we just read the pref directly from the pref service instead
of using this localized unichar preference routine. I don't think this
pref is a localized pref.

I haven't looked at the mime part yet, I'll try to get to that soon!
thanks for taking a look at this.

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On 2009-01-29T12:10:27+00:00 Notagain wrote:

this still happens with tb 3.0b2pre nightlies. both the reply and
forward header cases. any work done? will this be solved anytime soon
(3.0 final perhaps)?

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/15

On 2009-02-16T22:44:15+00:00 Mozilla-mawer wrote:

This would be a welcome fix in Thunderbird 3 -- using a sans serif font
(eg. Arial) in Thunderbird at the moment looks very unprofessional, as
whenever you reply you end up with a serif font for the "XYZ wrote"

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On 2009-05-14T16:15:31+00:00 Gjunk wrote:

I have same problem using 3.0b2 nightly as of 20090513.

Also - the font size selector is too coarse - medium or large - we
really need to be able pick the font size we use.


Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/17

On 2009-05-30T22:37:01+00:00 Rick2910 wrote:

Agree fully with comment #17: please create a dropdown with font sizes
to choose from instead of 'larger' and 'smaller' buttons.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/18

On 2009-05-31T01:38:37+00:00 Gjunk wrote:

Bug is still there with build as of 20090528 .. both bugs - the font not
suddenly switching away from user specified default to something else
and also the inability to choose a font size.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/19

On 2009-06-19T07:47:14+00:00 Gary-rumblingedge wrote:

Comment on attachment 260269
Updated patch that addresses TT special case

Obsoleting due to rejected review.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/20

On 2009-06-19T12:51:48+00:00 Gjunk wrote:

 I dont understand comment #20 at all.

 I think the bug is this:

   Hit reply - start typing - your preference font/size is chosen - in
mid type is switches to something else - different font different size.

    My default is sans-serif/large - it usually switches to

  End resault is reply contains new text 1/2 in preference compose font and 1/2 in thunderbird default font.

   WHy is this not a bug - this happens with this build:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9.1pre) Gecko/20090617
Lightning/1.0pre Shredder/3.0b3pre ID:20090617031506

  Which is hardly an obsoleted build.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/21

On 2009-06-19T12:55:31+00:00 Bugzilla-standard8 wrote:

(In reply to comment #21)
>  I dont understand comment #20 at all.
>   Which is hardly an obsoleted build.

The comment didn't say the bug was obsolete, it said the *patch* was

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/22

On 2009-06-19T13:10:19+00:00 Gjunk wrote:

Ooooohhhh silly me ..



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On 2009-10-08T13:57:44+00:00 Ulysse wrote:

*** Bug 480815 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/24

On 2010-03-07T17:04:35+00:00 Josh Kinnison wrote:

This bug occurs even if you just click an area with a non-default font.
It is amazingly frustrating.  It feels like playing Minesweeper when all
I want to do is write an email.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/25

On 2010-08-19T01:18:24+00:00 Mike001 wrote:

*** Bug 536613 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/29

On 2010-08-19T01:25:58+00:00 Mike001 wrote:

Bug 533613 was DUP'd to this bug because the reporter of Bug 533613 agreed that the symptoms and STR described in Bug 273622 matched what he was trying to report.  It is not clear to me that this bug report (203810) actually describes those same symptoms, nor that the proposed fix will fix the problem noted in the Description in Bug 273622.  Therefore, if the patch for this bug WILL NOT address the problem noted in Bug 273622, I respectfully request that the assignee of this bug:
a) Reopen Bug 273622; and,
b) Mark Bug 533613 as a duplicate of Bug 273622.
Doing so will ensure that the problem noted in Bug 273622 DOES get fixed.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/30

On 2010-08-19T09:27:48+00:00 N-hillyer wrote:

Can we assume that this is an HTML problem only? If so I have failed to
find where it is clearly stated.

I am not sure if my remarks below will be of any help to those working
on this bug or users who end up here.

I seldom compose with HTML and don't see this bug with TB 3.1.2 on a G4
with OS X 10.5.8.

However, I did have a difficult to track down font issue with an identical G4. I eventually discovered that most of the considerable fonts in
/Applications/Thunderbird.app/Contents/MacOS/greprefs/all.js were set to zero size. I removed many unwanted fonts and set all the others to reasonable sizes. This cured my problems with this G4. The other identical G4 has not had the problem - on checking I see that all its font sizes in greprefs are reasonable. Although the G4s are identical their TB update histories may be different ie fresh installs vs updates may have varied from time to time.

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/31

On 2010-11-02T13:29:08+00:00 Sgtfool wrote:

A variation on this is that it also loses the default font when I click
on the subject line and then click back to my text.

Although I love thunderbird, about once a month I search for ways to get
outlook to replicate my most beloved add-on's because it is so
frustrating to use an e-mail program that will not let me control my
font style (and size).

Reply at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/thunderbird/+bug/584632/comments/32

On 2010-11-02T13:43:46+00:00 Gjunk wrote:

Bug is still here in 3.1.7 nightly as of last night ...

amazing this bug is over 7 years old ...

do the experts know what to fix is yet ?

font flipping makes for ugly emails ;-( ...

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