[Bug 663082] Re: Stores session every 10 seconds, causing high disk-usage

Akkana Peck akkzilla at shallowsky.com
Tue Oct 19 04:32:10 UTC 2010

Reducing this time does sound warranted. But there might be some other
places as well where firefox is doing a lot of disk activity for no
reason, hurting SSDs and power use.

On my system, sessionstore.js isn't being written to if I'm not loading new pages/tabs in the browser. However, places.sqlite-journal is being written to very frequently, even if the browser is just sitting idle pointing at a single static html page with no JS or cookies. If I'm doing anything in the browser (not necessarily opening new pages, just scrolling and such) I see more seemingly pointless activity in other files, including: 
urlclassifier3.sqlite cookies.sqlite cookies.sqlite-journal XPC.mfasl pluginreg.dat blocklist.xml cert8.db places.sqlite
(and probably others, that's just from repeated ls -lt | head in the firefox profile directory).
Most of these files are being updated even if you disable session store, even if cookies are blocked, etc.

Stores session every 10 seconds, causing high disk-usage
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