[Bug 334344] Re: wishlist: integrate libnotify in Thunderbird notifications

Jeremy Nickurak ubuntu-bugs at trk.nickurak.ca
Tue Jan 26 17:51:42 UTC 2010

Some information was provided upstream, but the questions still haven't
been answered:

> Michael Ventnor      2009-06-10 20:19:57 PDT
> Maybe I'm missing something, but I find this a really braindead API decision:
> indicate_server_set_desktop_file
> 1) How are we supposed to find out where the desktop file is?
> 2) What about users who don't have a desktop file for Thunderbird or any other
> Mozilla application that will use this?
> 3) Why can't we set the name and icon of our application directly (and anything
> else the library reads from the desktop file)?

Also troubling from upstream:

> Martin Stránský      2010-01-06 07:07:59 PST
> Shat is the status of libindicate? If you want to support it, is it
> available/supported by any other linux distribution? Is it a part of any
> desktop environment? I can't find any Fedora package for instance.

> Ted Gould added the following comment to Launchpad bug #334344:
> The reason that we used the desktop file is becuase it provides a lot of nice
> information.  The high resolution icon, the name, the description and those are
> already translatable.  Desktop applications on Linux do have desktop files
> whether they get added by upstream sources or distributors.  For instance,
> Thuderbird wouldn't show up in the software center to be installed unless it
> had a desktop file.
> We haven't uploaded the API documentation anywhere on the web officially.  It
> is included in the libindicate-doc package.  I have uploaded that here:
>   http://people.canonical.com/~ted/libindicate/current/
> Hopefully that helps.

I couldn't find this comment in this bug... but if true, the lack of an
officially presented API anywhere standard is a barrier towards anyone
other than Ubuntu taking this up.

wishlist: integrate libnotify in Thunderbird notifications
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