[Bug 615102] [NEW] Dual Boot problem with Win XP and Ubuntu 10.4

John Rosing 615102 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Aug 8 19:53:02 UTC 2010

Public bug reported:

My computer has two separate operating systems; Windows XP and Obuntu
10.4. I can send and receive email in Windows (this means that the wired
connection is correct). I can receive email in Obuntu but I can not send
it in Obuntu. My ISP (QWEST) supports Windows but does not support
Ubuntu. I know the incoming and outgoing server names and port numbers.
However Ubuntu's Thunderbird automatic searcher for the connection
FAILS. How can I fix this?

After hours of troubleshooting (question #119175 )  I have discovered an inherent problem with installing 10.4 
and a GRUB loader on a computer that has Windows XP loaded and operating. The first symptom was a good Internet 
connection on windows and a complete failure of that connection in 10.4. Then I found the primary problem: 

The computer contains 4 HDD’s, 2 on IDE, and 2 on SATA. Before re-installing XP on a 500 GB SATA drive it was 
originally installed on a 300 GB IDE drive. Then Norton Ghost was used to install the XP image on the 500 GB SATA 
drive. Then all data was removed from the IDE and subsequently all data was copied with another image to the IDE 
drive. In that process the boot record was not removed from the IDE drive. 

After this was discovered the boot record was removed from IDE drive by completely reformatting it (D:) and then 
replacing the data from an image. Then the extra partition was deleted from drive (D:) and the (D:) drive was 

Using “GPARTED” the boot flag was no longer present on the IDE drive but it was on the SATA drive.
A Device Manager description of the 4 drives as they are now is as follows:

IDE	Disk 0, BIOS priority DISK 2_VOL1 (D:) 305235 MB, WD3200AAJB-00J3A0
IDE	Disk 1, BIOS priority DISK 4_VOL1 (E:) 152625 MB, ST3160023A
SATA	Disk 2, BIOS priority DRV5_VOL1 (G:)   152625 MB, WD1600AAJS-00WAA0
SATA	Disk 3, BIOS priority DISK1_VOL1 (C:)  288673 MB, ST3500418AS
		Undefined (UBUNTU 10.4) 182416 MB			
		Undefined (SWAP)		5850 MB

The BUG is in the installation process of UBUNTU 10.4. There is no way of defining the location as a dual GRUB 
boot on disk 3 which contains XP as well as UBUNTU. This would be “side by side”, but that  installation process 
selects the first available IDE drive

When the installation choice is “side by side”, then Disk 0 is partitioned and UBUNTU is installed on Disk 0 
and not the available space on Disk 3. This results in no GRUB loader.

When the installation choice is “most available unallocated space” then UBUNTU is installed on Disk 3 but there 
is still no GRUB. 

At this point I do not have an operating UBUNTU system and I can only communicate using my e-mail on Windows XP, 
or use the live UBUNTU CD.

Please make it possible to create a "side by side" installation on a drive different than IDE disk 0.
If you have a work-around available please advise by email.

John Rosing
rosingj at q.com

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Dual Boot problem with Win XP and Ubuntu 10.4
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