[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

PeteC pete at codescape.ltd.uk
Fri Apr 23 10:08:29 UTC 2010

Just to throw in a comment from a newbie who would seriously like to
adopt Ubuntu........

STOP releasing a new version every six months!!!

Since 2001, windoze has released (for user desktops) only XP, Vista and
now 7. As a result XP (for all its faults) is now quite stable.

Stop adding new bells and whistles and concentrate on fixing ALL the
issues that are outstanding.

I installed 9.04 on my Dell mini-9 as a try out. I was very impressed.
My upgrade to 9.10 was a total disaster due to Bug #474495, which
somebody decided was a low priority.

10.04-RC is working better but there are still issues.

How about making the next release a 'service pack' for lucid. Don't
introduce any core changes or waste effort doing a new look-and-feel?

If I am to make the switch to ubuntu on my main machines (and I'd like
to for many reasons) I need something that is more stable, is still
having the 'low priority' bugs fixed and is providing regular updates
for the main applications (like firefox and open office) for the next
four or five years and that, when it is replaced, will be replaced by
something that has had a much longer testing and bug fixing phase...

Perhaps I've missed a trick and should have gone back to the last LTS
(8.04.4)? If I had would the application updates have finally made it
through (e.g. firefox 3.5)?

The LTS issue is far from clear. The latest LTS is not the one offered
on the main page and it is not (obviously) pointed out the one that is
offered will only be supported until next year.

Having done a quick search, I still don't know if old versions get
application updates....

Microsoft has a majority market share
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