[Bug 1] Microsoft has a majority market share

Tom TomDavies04 at Yahoo.Co.Uk
Sat Apr 17 11:47:53 UTC 2010

Ghandi said "An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind"

MicroSquish often gets taken to court for things like anti-competitive
trading practices. Even where it doesn't lose it is usually pretty
clearly "sailing close to the wind" and there are hints of it engaging
in dubious practices. Mostly MicroSquish just loses cases.

I read somewhere that MicroSquish have been taken to court & lost more
cases than certain organised crime syndicates.

That doesn't mean we have to engage in dubious practices ourselves &
reading through this entire thread i think there's only 1 suggestion for
behaving badly and that was fairly clearly a joke to make a point.

As teh excellent even tho slightly dated link
states, we don't need market share. 

Getting a larger, fairer share would be nice & would be of some benefit
but it's not something we NEED. MicroSquish does need it and is acting
as though they are backed into a corner just because they are not 100%
dominant on desktops & can't break into server markets effectively.

So, i think a lot of us are feeling pity towards MicroSquish people and
trying to give them good escape routes. There are a lot of good &
talented people still locked into the Windows mind-set. Try reading "The
Emporer's new Clothes". We can help hand-hold people & gently lead them
into linux-land.

Regards to all for helping make this possible!
Regards from
Tom :)

Microsoft has a majority market share
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