[Bug 1] Microsoft has a majority market share

»John« JnS.002 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 11:11:41 UTC 2010

> Building something out of spiteful resentment at seeing the success of
another is bad.

I've heard this shit before and everyone who believes this is completely
missing the point. As a matter of fact, M$ was successful only because
they were lucky and what I hate about them is not their success, but the
way they keep themselves on top - I'm pretty sure everyone with as much
as a single trace of sense of fair play will come up with the exact same
conclusion if he does some digging and reads about all the bribery and
extortion this fscked up corporation never hesitates to use if it's in
their best interest. For example, let's take a closer look at their
licensing policy - if you wanna get your hands on a bunch of cheap OEM
kits, you gotta either bundle Winblow$ with the whole model line or
you're simply outta luck. Of course it's also hardware vendors' fault
that they agree to this in order to save some quick buck, but that
doesn't change the fact that it's M$ who does this on purpose to
artificially slow down the adoption of all competing software,
restricting end consumers' choice in the process (which is something
they don't give a fsck about). In the end the whole thing results in
"chicken and egg problem" with both hardware and software support for
every system other than Winblow$. Another clear example was the process
of "standardizing" OOXML - isn't it funny that a lot of committee
members who eventually reconsidered come from developing countries and
changed their minds after receiving generous donations from M$ or
something like that? Isn't it funny that M$ is always there to "help"
everyone who's seriously considering to move away from Winblow$ like
India or China? Am I the only one seeing a causal link here? Hardly. How
about bribing Russia not to go ahead with oficially daclaring them as a
monopoly? Does that ring any bells? The point is, that all this
completely brings down fundamental principles of competitive market, so
M$ can feel free to do whatever they want without suffering any
consequences. So go ahead and protect the corrupt tyrant from the wrath
they so richly deserve!

Microsoft has a majority market share
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