[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

IDWMaster webadm at elcnet.servehttp.com
Fri Apr 16 19:52:10 UTC 2010

Today; one of my friends (who had a Windows laptop) complained that his
laptop was getting the BSOD after he defragmented his hard drive. I
asked him what version of Windows he had, and it was Windows XP. I asked
him if he formatted his hard drive, and he replied "I think so". Then; I
showed him my laptop which had Ubuntu 10.04 on it. I showed him how fast
the office programs started, opened a docx file and he was impressed. I
told him that Ubuntu is really simple to install, and that it can also
be used to re-partition his drive (in case his MBR was wrecked by
Windows). I also explained that Ubuntu is compatible with almost all MP3
players (except Micro$oft's Zune), and that using a flash drive is as
simple as plugging it in, and that he would not have to wait for any
drivers to install (since they are already loaded in kernel memory). I'm
burning an Ubuntu 10.04 install disc right now.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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