[Bug 66015] Re: Duplicate spell checking dictionaries for every entry

Sigurd Gartmann sigurdga-launchpad at sigurdga.no
Tue Sep 1 00:02:46 UTC 2009

I think era's patch solves half of the problem (I put a number 2 on it
earlier). Era also says that we need to fix eacy myspell package. For
bokmål norwegian and south-african english this is already done correct
in my setup, with only one entry, and only one of each file (the
standard underscore variant).

Will it be good enough to hope that all myspell packages are fixed, or
should we have a patch excluding the "hyphen" links (or only including
the standard files)? Will all myspell packages get fixed?

Micah: I saw you linked a branch to this bug, but I did only see changes
to debian/patches/series, and not an added patch file. Am I missing
something or just too eager to wait in silence?

era: I guess US english is a special case, like it is for the translated
user interface. I do not know myspell details, but shouldn't new
additions you make to your personal dictionaries be assigned to a
language? If so, US-english may be that language even if it is removed
from your system.

Duplicate spell checking dictionaries for every entry
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